When Bali Creatives Come Together

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Bali creatives come together for fashion photoshoot

Bali has always been renowned for its highly developed arts. The island is the epicentre of art in Indonesia, and many has named Bali the art centre of Southeast Asia (I’m not going to get into it now, but if you read about the fall of the Majapahit kingdom, you’ll find out one of the reasons why the Balinese became so artistic.)

Today, Bali is filled with creatives. Photographers, stylists, designers, and musicians from all over the world come to Bali, which has created an incredibly inspiring environment to be part of. When I first came to Bali, everyone around me inspired me. I got the chance to talk to, and learn from, incredible artists, designers and visionaries. People who have shaped who I’ve become artistically, and a lot of whom are now my friends.

I while back, I got together with my neighbour, Clari, who just happens to be an amazing stylist (I told you that’s how Bali is), and we decided to do a shoot together. We called up another friend of ours, Linda Rakowska, a model living in the neighbourhood.

We created the story of a warrior princes, with some added mystique of unspecified time and place. It became the story of a warrior through the medium of fashion photography.

We wanted to create a washed out look to create a nostalgic feeling. I shot it all in my garden, with natural lights, really working the angles of the shots to create the mood we were looking for (my garden is tiny, so we had to be creative).

Have a look at the photos under, and please share your thoughts in the comment field!

Warrior princess fashion shoot, Bali

Warrior princess fashion shoot, Bali, 2 Warrior princess fashion shoot, Bali, 4 Warrior princess fashion shoot, Bali, 3

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