Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone – Starting a YouTube Channel

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Starting a YouTube Channel

First of all, Happy New Year!

I had a lot of New Year’s resolutions this year, as always, but already there seems to be just one I’ll stick to. And that is to start a YouTube channel. Not just that, but I challenge myself to put out 15 videos in 30 days. The reason I’m doing this is that I feel the continuous forced creativity will be amazing training. Second, it will also force me to go out an do cool stuff (let’s face it, no one wants to watch me watch TV). Third, I will have to learn a lot of efficiency to be able to pull it off – I will need to be able to plan and execute shots quickly, and I will have to become a lean, mean, editing machine.

Another reason to I want to do this, is that I feel it is far out of my comfort zone. I really care too much about what people think of me, and I know that YouTube is one of the meanest platforms out there (one of my guilty pleasures is to read mean YouTube comments). In Norway, where I’m from, people believe in extreme humility – you are not supposed to think you are special (it’s called “The Law of Jante” – look it up). I know that people will hate, but I would like to be able to be creative without worrying too much about what other people think.

My First YouTube Video

For the past two days, I’ve been working on the first video for my channel – an MTV Cribs tour of my house in Bali. I think it’s a good way to introduce myself, as I think a home says a lot about a person. Jen has helped me out a lot in the production, and it took me countless hours to edit it together (yeah, I definitely need to speed things up if I am to make this doable).

I just uploaded the video to YouTube a couple of hours ago. Check it out here:

If there is anything you would like me to share, or make videos about, let me know in the comments here!

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