Why I Love Basic Tees

If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of, it’s perfectly shaped basic tees. As you might know, I love eccentric prints, but the problem is that those tees can’t be worn too often, as they are too recognisable and hard to match up. With basic tees, you can focus on accessories, bottoms, and shoes/sneakers. Basic tees are like the quiet teammate that lets everyone else shine. It’s all about the shape However, for a basic shirt to make it into my collection, there are a…Continue Reading “Why I Love Perfectly Shaped Mens Basic Tees”

Cruising with Le Pirate Explorer in Flores

For Jen’s birthday, I gave her a 3-day-2-night cruise with the Le Pirate Explorer in Flores. We were both super stoked about it, and headed to Labuan Bajo in Flores on Saturday. When we arrived in Flores, we stayed at Le Pirate’s hotel in Labuan Bajo harbour for the first night. The morning after, we headed out the Explorer 1 boat, where we were to spend the next 3 days. The boat is super nice, with 4 sleeping cabins upstairs, and a beautiful deck below equipped with…Continue Reading “Video: Defying the Storms with Le Pirate Explorer in Flores”

Woke up really early today and felt like going for a ride. I have a fully customised Honda Tiger 250 (kinda cafe racer style) that I very rarely use, so I decided her and I should go for a little joyride up the coast of Bali. I drove up the west coast, through rice fields along the coastline. The beaches in the West of Bali are black from volcanic sand, making them different from the postcard white beaches, but still cool places to visit. It still baffles…Continue Reading “Cruising Up The Coast of Bali”

Simen Platou wearing NOVUM

If there’s one thing appreciate, it’s when great design is carried out through excellent craftsmanship. I can geek out to a cool hangtag, a label in a t-shirt, or a simple “Thank you”-not in a shipment. When someone has thought of every aspect of the purchasing experience, it gets me going. I love when designer’s visions comes to life in a way that doesn’t just fulfill, but exceeds. A great example of this is NOVUM, a mens jewelry line that takes the word perfection to…Continue Reading “NOVUM Collection | Mens Jewelry With Impressive Craftsmanship”

Diving with Manta Rays in Lembongan

Even after all these years in Asia, I have never gone diving before (I know, it’s weird). People have been telling me “how amazing it is”, but I just never saw the potential in it. However, when a bunch of my friends wanted to head over to Nusa Lembongan to dive for Manta Rays, I figured it was my time to try this out. Had the most EPIC dive with a big school of manta rays outside Nusa Penida today! Those of u who dive…Continue Reading “Diving With Manta Rays in Nusa Lembongan”

Bali creatives come together for fashion photoshoot

Bali has always been renowned for its highly developed arts. The island is the epicentre of art in Indonesia, and many has named Bali the art centre of Southeast Asia (I’m not going to get into it now, but if you read about the fall of the Majapahit kingdom, you’ll find out one of the reasons why the Balinese became so artistic.) Today, Bali is filled with creatives. Photographers, stylists, designers, and musicians from all over the world come to Bali, which has created an incredibly inspiring…Continue Reading “When Bali Creatives Come Together”

Damn, Halloween has to be one of my favourite nights of the year. There’s something about partying in a costume, disguised as someone else, that makes everyone go extra bonkers. This year, for our Halloween in Bali, Jen and I decided to dress up like Indonesian elementary school students, and for the first time ever, we started the preparations early. For some reason, they don’t make the elementary school uniforms in sizes suitable for people like me, so we had them made. Short and shirt for…Continue Reading “Halloween got out of Hand”