NOVUM Collection | Mens Jewelry With Impressive Craftsmanship

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Simen Platou wearing NOVUM

If there’s one thing appreciate, it’s when great design is carried out through excellent craftsmanship. I can geek out to a cool hangtag, a label in a t-shirt, or a simple “Thank you”-not in a shipment. When someone has thought of every aspect of the purchasing experience, it gets me going. I love when designer’s visions comes to life in a way that doesn’t just fulfill, but exceeds.

A great example of this is NOVUM, a mens jewelry line that takes the word perfection to new heights. The designer, Logan, is a good friend of mine, which obviously makes me a bit biased. But what it also does is to give me an inside view of the mens jewelry line, and I’m incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship that it possesses. Every piece is handmade, and it takes about 60 hours to craft each silver jewelry piece. I’m super fascinated by the whole process, and I recommend you to check it our on the NOVUM website.

I personally like the matt black pieces the most, with the polished silver jewelry pieces second. They are both amazing to style with black, white and grey.

If you know any other jewelry brands I should check out, let me know in the comments under!

Simen Platou in NOVUM Jewelry

Mens Silver Necklace from NOVUM collection

Novum Collection Details

NOVUM - High End Mens Jewelry

Incredible mens jewelry from NOVUM

Bracelet and ring from NOVUM collection

Pendant from NOVUM jewelry

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