How I Became a Simpsons Character for $10 on Fiverr

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How I became a Simpsons character for $5

Sketch of me as a Manga Character

What do you get if you mix alcohol, a credit card and

You get a whole bunch of awesome stuff that you didn’t know that you wanted!! I’ve always been a big fan of Fiverr, and I’ve used for anything from logo creation to SEO services. But it wasn’t until I got quite tipsy last week and started digging through the depths of the Fiverr categories that I found the really awesome stuff.

Quick background info; Fiverr is a website where you can hire people to do all kinds of stuff for as little as $5. And yes, I am now a Fiverr affiliate (another brilliant idea I got while being tipsy browsing their website), so please don’t hesitate to buy anything useless through the links in this post, so that I can make some cash money that I can spend on my own Fiverr habit. I started digging deep into the fiverr categories (starting with the the Cartoons & Caricatures category), and here are some of the treasures I found!

Have Yourself Drawn as a Simpson Character

Ok, so let’s get down to it. The first thing I went into was the Cartoons & Caricatures category – obviously! From there, I found my way to a freelancer named Eliana who offers to draw you as a Simpsons character and realised I’ve never wanted anything more EVER! So, obviously, I ordered one. Here’s what she came up with (I ended up modifying the clothes a bit myself):

Me Drawn as a Simpson Character
Get yourself drawn as a Simpsons character

Eliana can also draw you as a Family Guy character or a Futurama character, amongst other things!

Become a Manga Character

If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m obsessed with Japan, so when I saw that you can have yourself drawn as a manga character, I thought “SOLD!”. I’ve probably never felt cooler than how I look here:

Me drawn as a manga character
Get your own drawing here

While looking into manga artists, I also found an amazing artist called Gustavo. He makes incredible manga-drawings, and completely knocked it out of the part with this one! I’ve pretty much never felt cooler than I do in this picture:

Manga Style Portrait Drawn on Fiverr
Get your own manga style drawing here

Get Yourself a Tattoo Style Portrait

With further browsing, I stumbled upon an artist named Julia, who offer to draw a colour sketch of you, tattoo style. I told her to use my instagram for reference, and draw me however she wanted. It’s pretty clear that Julia got the impression that I’m a massive hipster. No doubt the girl can draw though, and I love the tattoo-feel of her drawings!

Me in a tattoo-style sketch
Click here to get your own tattoo-style portrait drawn

Become a Caricature Style Anime Character

During my Fiverr-digging, I found a Hong Kong-based artist called Wongtommy. He makes some super fun caricature-style drawings, and I just had to have one made! I simply pointed him to my Instagram, and he ended up choosing a photo of my parents and I to work from. The result is AMAZING, and my parents loved it too!

Caricature Drawing of My parents and I
Get your own Caricature drawing made

Make Yourself a Hand Drawn Logo

First of all, if you have ever worked with designers, you know that having an awesome-looking logo made for $5 is insane. If you want the full source files etc, you usually have to pay more on Fiverr, but it’s still damn cheap. I found a super talented Pakistani called certifiedlogos and I ordered a signature style logo saying “splatou”. Pretty sick to use for business cards, notepads, whatever!

splatou in signature logo

splatou in signature logo
Have your signature logo made here

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