Halloween got out of Hand

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Damn, Halloween has to be one of my favourite nights of the year. There’s something about partying in a costume, disguised as someone else, that makes everyone go extra bonkers.

Halloween mode initiated!

This year, for our Halloween in Bali, Jen and I decided to dress up like Indonesian elementary school students, and for the first time ever, we started the preparations early. For some reason, they don’t make the elementary school uniforms in sizes suitable for people like me, so we had them made. Short and shirt for me, skirt and shirt for Jen. Then we went out and got the official tie, cap, and each our BOBOI BOY backpack.

Some friends of ours threw a sick party at Hacienda in Bali, so we stopped by there, before we went to Jenja Bali around 2am. Not too sure what went down from there, but Saturday became Sunday, and two elementary students were out of control. Even though there’s not a huge tradition for Halloween in Bali, it’s still usually an amazing night of parties.

I feel like death right now, but still can’t wait for next year’s Halloween shenanigans!

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