As you all know, I love to travel and visit beautiful places. However, if there’s one thing that really can kill the experience for me, it’s when a place is overflown with tourists. Unfortunately, this is usually the case in Bali. But don’t be alarmed – we’ve found a solution to the problem: very early mornings. We wanted to visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces (again), so we decided to get up at 4:50am to try to make it there in time for sunrise, and before all…Continue Reading “How to Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace Without All The Tourists”

Bali creatives come together for fashion photoshoot

Bali has always been renowned for its highly developed arts. The island is the epicentre of art in Indonesia, and many has named Bali the art centre of Southeast Asia (I’m not going to get into it now, but if you read about the fall of the Majapahit kingdom, you’ll find out one of the reasons why the Balinese became so artistic.) Today, Bali is filled with creatives. Photographers, stylists, designers, and musicians from all over the world come to Bali, which has created an incredibly inspiring…Continue Reading “When Bali Creatives Come Together”

Weekend at Le Pirate, Nusa Ceningan

One of the best things about being based in Bali (except for the weather, the beaches, the parties, the people, the food, and a few other things) is the ability to go on weekend getaways to amazing locations! We got an invitation to head over to Le Pirate Beach Club in Nusa Ceningan, and were quick to jump on the opportunity. Nusa Ceningan is linked to Nusa Lembongan, which is just a 30 minute boat ride from Sanur in Bali. As soon as we got to Lembongan, we…Continue Reading “Weekend Getaway to Nusa Ceningan and Le Pirate”

Lion Fight Muay Thai Champion Tiffany van Soest

Tiffany  “Timebomb” van Soest is an american muay thai fighter, training and living in Bali. She’s a four time muay thai world champion, and is widely recognised as the best female muay thai fighter in the world. I happen to train with Tiffany at Bali MMA, so I pitched to I Magazine Bali to do an interview with her about being the best in the world! I shot these photos and interviewed Tiffany in December 2015. Here is the interview in its entirety. When Tiffany “Time Bomb” van Soest (26)…Continue Reading “Tiffany van Soest – A Kicking Timebomb”

Kids in the village, Shan State Trekking, Myanmar

Inle Lake is situated in the Shan state in Myanmar, a state known for its beautiful mountains, valleys, and landscapes. Being in a place like this, I wanted to go trekking, and experience the real village-life of the Burmese people. Myanmar – Part 1: Yangon Myanmar – Part 2: Bagan Myanmar – Part 3: Inle Lake I walked around town and found a tiny little office with a man who offered trekking tours. It breaks my heart that I don’t remember his name, because this…Continue Reading “Myanmar – Part 4: Trekking in the Mountains of Shan State”

Fisherman in Inle Lake

After Bagan, I wanted to explore Inle Lake, the second largest lake in Myanmar and the home of the Intha people. The Intha people live along the shores of the lake, and on the lake itself, on houses built on stilts. Myanmar – Part 1: Yangon Myanmar – Part 2: Sunrise over Bagan The fishermen of Inle Lake are known for their one-foot boat balancing-and-stearing-skills. They’ve got balance skills that makes your yoga class look like a joke, and I was blown away watching them…Continue Reading “Myanmar – Part 3: Exploring Inle Lake”