Bro's Day in Oslo

When we were younger, we always used to hangout outdoors. In parks, schoolyards, rooftops, wherever. Since we don’t do that anymore as adults, we decided to get some drinks and hang around Oslo. Each of the guys had to come up with a place to hang and an activity for us to do. This is Bros’ Day.

My parents' dog

After London, we were tired of traveling and excited to chill in Oslo for a bit. We stayed at my parents’ place, and we got to spend time with my almost-3-year-old nephew. It was amazing to get to show Jen where I grew up, but it’s a shame the weather was horrible the whole time. Guess that means she’ll just have to come visit again 🙂  


It’s been many years since I visited London last, and I was super excited to go back. I hate that I complain about the weather in every post, but I can’t help it. It was FREEZING in London. Definitely not the warm European spring I had told Jen about. We spent a couple of days on the East side, exploring Shoreditch, before we headed in to the centre and did all the tourist things.  


We touched down in Amsterdam as our first destination in Europe. Jen had never been there before, so I was excited to show her around. It was freezing cold for most of the time we were there, but the sun came out on day 3, when we were going to the Dockyard Warehouse festival in Zaandam. Amsterdam will always be one of my favourite cities!